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Project Description

WixBuilder focusses on easily generating a WiX script from a project ouput, compile and link it into msi installer using the WiX Toolset.

The purpose of this project is deliver a .NET class that enable a programmer to create a Microsoft Installer (msi) with a few lines of C# code that, when run, will generate two wxs (WiXscript) files and compile and link them.

WiX Builder basically creates an executable that scans your project's output directory and creates an Microsoft Installer (msi) from it with the version number of the main executable in it's name for easy identification.

The code is able to scan directories based on wildcards and add files to components on-the-fly (so no more forgotten assemblies or out-dated installers).

Current features are:
  • Easily and dynamically add files from a project based on directory search.
  • Automatically create most id's and guid's in the wix scripts.
  • Add version number and build to the generated msi installer.
  • Run candle (compiler) and light (linker) from the WiX Toolkit
  • Support for per-user-install.
  • Supports only the simple UI with an optional license page.
  • Uninstall links.
  • Creating Shortcuts.
  • Keeps track of files incorporated into the installer.
  • No environment variables or path adjustments necessary.
  • Works with the WiX Toolkit extension for Visual Studio.

Quite some id's and guid's used are generated from either file path or version number so stable. When the version number of the main executable is bumped the installer will not offer repair/upgrade options but requires an uninstall of the old version (Personally I find that still the safest option).

WiX Builder will try to find the WiX Toolset that can be installed as a Visual Studio Extension, so no environment variables or changes to the path should be necessary.

The code will try to detect the WiX Toolset that can be installed as an Visual Studio add-in.

This project might seem like a duplicate of Wix# but imho simpler to use (as it has only a minimal set of features and handles a varying number of files easily by supporting wildcards), and has no problems with using the WiX Toolset v3.8 that can be installed from within Visual Studio as an Extension and can suppress license page easily.

Note: the recent v1.0 of Wix# seems to work fine with the 3.8 toolkit.

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